Tuesday, January 26, 2010

funnies daddy has remembered

I know lately I have loved when coming home and she will run to meet me and give a big hug and I will say I love you punkin and she will say… you missed me! As if like of course you missed me daddy. And I will of course have to agree and she will say I miss you too. Its just super cute.

Normally when I get up I get her cereal and milk on saturdays. Well emma was especially impatient this past Saturday. So either I typically get her her cereal first or maybe she just really wanted her cereal but I went to the cupboard to get a cup and said… daddy no cereal in there and openned the pantry door for me.

There was the time when we asked her about who she loves. We tend to ask her who loves her and she would say mommy daddy and Jesus. Then that one time I asked her who she loved and she said after a short pause… emma! And I said well yeah but who else? And she said… boys!

You could tell the story about when I was takin a shower after you left with papa russ to go to the hospital to see chi. I thought I heard a door open so I peak through the door and emma had gotten out of room. And snuck into our bed… pulled back the covers and snuggled on in. I don’t know if she new I was in the bathroom and was just sneaky or if she didn’t see anyone around and thought well I might as well sleep in the big bed…

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