Saturday, March 27, 2010

funny sayings

When we get to our floor on the elevator, Emma states, "This is us!"


toilet paper = poilet taper
chocolate = cha-lock-o-late
cinnamon = cin-min-a-min-a-min


While talking on the phone...
Me: Emma, who are you talking to?
Em: Baby Chi.

Em: Hi, Baby Chi. I need to talk to your nurse.

Em: Baby Chi, it's me! and mommy! and daddy! I love you! I miss you!


When visiting Malachi, she calls him "little buddy".


We've been working on sign language with her since Malachi is most likely deaf. We have refreshed signs we used with her before she could talk and have also added quite a few to her vocabulary...

please, thank you, eat, more, sorry, mommy, daddy
"signing time with alex and leah", emma
kitty, bird, dog, fish, snake
blue, yellow, red, purple, pink, green, white
sit, stand, swing, swim, come, play, share, your turn, my turn, go, stop, yes, no
potato, grapes, cookie, carrot

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