Thursday, April 8, 2010


So since Emma's trip to Georgia, it's been hard to get her to go poop in the potty. So, we bribe. (Okay, so her reward has always been a piece of candy in return for number two in the potty._ Well, now instead of just using candy as a reward, the lack of candy has also become a consequence for going in her diaper. When we see poo in the dipe, no more candy for Emma 'til she goes in the toilet again.

Today, she went in her diaper.
Daddy came home.

Emma (already knowing the answer): "Daddy, where's my bag.. with the eggs?"
John: I don't know.
Emma: It's in the kitchen.

John: Sorry Emma. Mommy said that you went poopy in your dipe today. No candy.
Emma: (walking away defeated)

Next thing I know, Emma comes running out of our room into the living room with me chewing on something.
Mommy: Emma, what are you chewing?
Emma: (whispering) Don't tell mommy. Daddy say that.

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