Friday, December 18, 2009

Before second birthday.

*Practices rolling her eyes for when she's annoyed.

*Shrugs her shoulders when she knows the correct response, but doesn't want to answer the question.

*"Emma do it" --> "I do it" --> "I do it myself!"

*Exclaims "I go potty!" then proceeds to run to bathroom, take off pants/diaper, and sit down on her potty chair--usually successful!

*Very much likes to interact with Dora and Diego! "D-D-D-Da-Dora!" "Swiper, no swiping!"

*From the backseat: "Jingle bells, jingle bells" (Mom chimes in: Jingle all the way!) "I DO IT! I SING IT! MOMMY, NO SINGING!"

*During AT&T U-verse commercial with the family pointing remotes at one another, Emma chimes in BEFORE the little girl "Happy pony."

*Dora's on? Super Why's on? Frog's on? Sid 'da Science Kid on? Curious George on?

*When I was still pumping: "Mommy, go make noise"

*During a fit she was throwing for not wanting to eat her lunch: "Mommy, go work! I go Grandma's house"

*When I leave for the hospital:
M: Bye, Emma. Where's mommy going?
E: "Mommy go hos-pi-tal"
M: Why is mommy going to the hospital?
E: "See Baby Chi."

*And my personal favorite:
M: I love you.
E: "I love you, too, Mommy!"

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  1. I miss all of you! Emma sounds like she's becoming quite the little lady :-) My boss walks around sometimes saying "Swiper, so swiping!" THe first time I heard it I was like "What?!" She mentioned that her niece says it and that it's from Dora. Now I'm going to have to watch so I know what's going on!

    Merry Christmas with love from Chicago Sharbaugh family :-)
    ~Auntie Meggie