Wednesday, December 23, 2009

oh the potty...

So, one of Emma's new favorite videos is called "Go, Potty, Go!"... she loves it.... and it seems to have worked ;)... in the past couple weeks, we've only been responsible for one or two poopy dipes! I'll spare you the pictures ;)

*When using the her little potty, she demands that I bring her a book to read.

*When using the big potty, she will fall in on purpose so that she can have a bath.

*Aunt Joy let her use the big potty, and quickly--but briefly--left the room to help Emma's cousin. When Joy got back she could see emma's head, arms, and feet sticking up out of the potty and she said, "help!"

*When there is poopy in the potty, she likes to look and give a description. The other day, it was described as "ice cream poopy." I looked and sure enough it was in the shape of an ice cream cone.

*This morning, she climbed up on the big potty, held on, and said "I go big poopy." SUCCESS! "I go more big poopy!" MORE SUCCESS!

*This morning after her big poopy, she insisted that she had more poopy, so I went to her room to pick out clothes and grab a new diaper... SPLAT! She was so focused on not falling in the potty that she basically face planted forward on the bathroom floor. I looked in to which she replied "Emma okay"... she must have been doing something she thought she shouldn't have been doing because I was expecting a WAIL! If she gets hurt due to disobedience, she doesn't cry or whine about it too much. She knows.


  1. She is one entertaining little kid! Who needs TV?! I can't believe she falls into/off the potty! And I've never heard of a 2 year old wanting to take a bath. : ) So cute!

  2. (oh, and this is Kim Lorent by the way)